Sports Vision Training

For Better Athletic Performance, come to TrueVision Eye Care

You’ve trained your body to win, but what about your eyes? For peak performance, 20/20 vision is just the beginning. TrueVision Performance is a neurocognitive training program designed to optimize eye muscle performance, improving key visual skills including:

Sports Vision Training can improve your game by working on the following visual skills:

  • Reaction time
  • Processing speed
  • Focusing ability
  • Spatial awareness
  • Peripheral awareness
  • Depth perception
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Eye-foot coordination

Improving these skills will help on field performance and has been shown to decrease the risk of concussions.

This sports vision training program, available at our eye care center in Vision Therapy and Performance Center in Raleigh, NC. Sports vision training can help your middle school star make that basketball shot and your high school athlete catch that fly ball. Whether you’re an armchair quarterback or an NFL starter, the TrueVision sports training program can help athletes of all ages and skill sets to hone their abilities and break through their barriers. The program is particularly successful for improving hand-eye coordination, reaction time and peripheral awareness. It has also been shown to reduce injuries and decrease the risk of concussions, keeping you on your feet and on the field.

Personal Training For Your Entire Visual System

Just as a personal trainer can help you to reach new levels of greatness, the TrueVision Performance program provides you with individualized exercises that will change the way your eyes and your brain work together with your body to achieve your goals. The 12-week program includes:

  • An initial evaluation
  • A 3-4 week course focusing on eye efficiency
  • A 3-4 week course focusing on visual motor skills
  • A 3-4 week course specific to your sport
  • A final assessment


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