Dream Your Way to Better Vision

Orthokeratology is also known as corneal refractive therapy, corneal reshaping (CR) or vision shaping. Patients wear specially designed contact lenses at night to temporarily reshape the cornea, reducing nearsightedness and other mild to moderate vision problems, such as:

  • Myopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Hyperopia
  • Presbyopia

Reshape the Way You See the World

Unlike regular contact lenses, orthokeratology lenses are gas permeable and safe for nighttime wear. While you sleep, the lens gently reshapes the cornea, improving your vision. While ortho-k lenses should be worn every night, the results generally last for a day or two, and sometimes longer. Orthokeratology can benefit:

  • Children as young as 8 years old
  • People who are too young for LASIK surgery
  • People who are not good candidates for corrective surgeries
  • People with dry eyes
  • People who participate in contact sports
  • People who work in dusty environments
  • People who have trouble wearing contacts during the day
  • People who do not wish to wear glasses during the day

In addition to improving vision, orthokeratology can help slow the progression of myopia, protecting your eyesight from becoming worse as you age. This makes ortho-k lenses a great option for children and others hoping to delay vision loss.

The Wave of the Future

The Wave Nightlens uses the most advanced technology to provide a custom fit for all-night comfort with amazing results. The Wave NightLens system’s unique design and careful attention to precision at the lens periphery makes it the premier choice in orthokeratology. Dr. Alecia Barnes and Dr. Jennifer Lyerly are Wave-certified eye doctors serving Raleigh, NC and the surrounding area. For better vision while you sleep, schedule an appointment with our appointment request online form or call (919) 472-4070.